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Ambio Logistics provides skilled specialists to the logistics sector

We can take project responsibility and provide counseling and courses in international logistics standards, choice, and implementation of IT-solutions

What is Ambio Logistics?

Ambio Logistics was established to serve a rapidly increasing logistics sector. The market demands greater focus on and specialisation throughout the supply chain. We have years of experience from leasing and recruiting logistics personnel both nationally and internationally. This enables us to put greater focus on the logistics segment and offer our customers complete logistics services and solutions, all in the same place.

Why use Ambio Logistics?

We will in collaboration with Ambio People assist in recruitment processes, find candidates and project hire logistics personnel for shorter and/or longer terms.

We will assist in choice and implementing of logistics management systems following recommended international standards for sharing of logistics data.

Ambio Logistics can undertake enterprise projects in the construction, offshore and energy industries, or support to optimize the supply lines.

We want to appear as a professional, creative, and solution-oriented support player for industries that have urgent and/or ad-hoc needs for logistics assistance.

Recruitment and hiring of logistics personnel throughout the value chain

  • Supply Base Management
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Logistics Planners
  • Logistics follow-up and reports

Enterprise logistics

  • Preliminary study
  • Review of request
  • Description of task (Method of Statement)
  • Price calculation
  • Risk assessment
  • Preparation of offers.
  • Implementation of projects

Logistics digitalization

  • Assistance with the identification of international logistics standards
  • Choice of sharing platform for logistics data
  • Develop a data sharing platform and/or implementation in an existing platform

Complete logistics services in one place

Ambio Logistics wants to be a useful contributor and supporter in logistics so that customers can succeed in their tasks and projects. We will be able to offer our services nationally and internationally and especially in Europe.


Stig Holgersen

Stig Holgersen

Department Manager

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